Quality is a key priority of the Agency.

The success of any marketing research and return on investment is directly dependent on the reliability and quality of the data. Improperly collected data may lead to unpredictable consequences.

Systematic and the comprehensive approach to meeting the standards of quality within the company as a whole and each employee in particular - that's what gives us confidence in the reliability of our results.

To assess the quality of research work there are quality standards ISO 20252, developed with the support and collaboration with the association ESOMAR. Data quality standards include the logic and processes established and proven over decades of development and market research.

We have developed our own quality standards that meet or exceed the requirements and recommendations of the standards ISO 20252 and ESOMAR.



Agency staff: employees and interviewers

Sample design and data collection process

Technology and privacy

Operations and data collection quality control


European association of companies and organizations conducting market research and public opinion research (European Society for Opinion and Market Research - ESOMAR) has developed a document to assist you in choosing a contractor and research organization. The document is organized in the format of the check-list and is also known as "28 questions of ESOMAR».

PRAKTIKA answers to 28 questions of ESOMAR you can download here.

Original document «How to commission research» you can download here.

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