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    Surveying respondents using the tablet Lenovo Yoga 10

Face-to face (F2F) Interviewing Services utilizing a variety of methods

Nationwide coverage

Three own branches in Russia - in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Saratov. Covering 20 regions via a reliable affiliate network.

Any number of respondents

We will work with small projects starting from a minimum of 5 surveys to working with many thousands of surveys.

Guaranteed terms

We will refund your money in full if we do not fulfill our terms and obligations.

Fixed prices

Predictable prices simplified project planning and budgeting.


Operation processes are organized in accordance with international industry standards.

Tablets and CAPI

Get a new level of communication with the respondent thanks to our free paper questionnaire conversion to modern electronic platform

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Prices and terms*

Method Timing (120 interviews per location) Price per interview (VAT excl.)
Hall Test (any type) 1–3 days planning and start
+ 5 working days field
+ 7 working days processing, QC, report
500 rub.
Home Test 1–3 days planning and start
+ 5 working days field
+ 7 working days processing, QC, report
500 rub.
Street/Mall Intercept 1–3 days planning and start
+ 5 working days field
+ 7 working days processing, QC, report
350 rub.
Door-to-Door surveys 1–3 days planning and start
+ 5 working days field
+ 7 working days processing, QC, report
450 rub.
*Cost includes research results in the form of data tables. The cost of the analytical report is not included. Rate may be reduced or increased depending on the sample, the target audience and other factors. Free programming in the sample of 300 respondents and more.

Action plan

You provide basic information and a questionnaire for the study

If necessary edit and program questionnaire

Conduct field stage - recruiting, collecting data

Get an array of data

Prepare an analytical report (optional)

Results of the study what you get:

Data array


Analytical report


Quality assurance

Qualified personnel

Permanent team of interviewers, who receives regular training. Project manager who is responsible for the quality of the research

Sampling and data collection

Tangible and intangible motivation respondents which ensures completeness and accuracy of responses by experienced supervisors who process the gathering of information that is held in strict accordance with the terms of the research

Infrastructure and privacy

Unparalleled data security, storage, processing and transmission: VPN-connections, data backup and best-in-class Google cloud platform. Full compliance with federal law #152-FZ "On Personal Data"

Data quality assurance

Data collection auditing - video and audio controls, photos and fixing GPS coordinate of the interview. Client has the opportunity to be present during the interview. Triple review of input data by validation logic, research analysts’ review and cross-tabulation review.  Follow-up interview control processed by an independent control department, who has no access to collected data.


How we do it

Hall Tests and Street/Mall Intercepts with tablets or pen and paper

Using Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 running up to 20 hours without recharging

Online and offline interviews

Multimedia capabilities in all types of surveys

Complex branching and automatic logic control

Two own CAPI-studios in the center of Yekaterinburg and one in the center of Saratov

Desktop workstations with large monitors, cameras, dedicated high speed internet access

Permanenet hall test/CAPI locations situated in the city centers, allowing best walkable and easy public access

Dedicated field supervisors

Staffed by trained interviewers

Own dedicated analysis department is responsible for research planning, reports and study presentations.

Research types

Hall test

Street intercepts (interviews)

Mall intercepts / in-store interviews

Home interview

Telephone interviews

Home tests

Online Surveys

Tools and techniques


Survey on tablets (TAPI)

Traditional (paper-and-pen) surveys


Blind testing

Online survey with individual recruitment

Online survey using the access panel

Online survey on list provided by clients

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