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  • Why customers
    stop buying?

    Retention of existing customers is as important as attracting new ones. Make your customer loyalty tracking the strong thread that holds your business and distinguishes it from the competitors

We estimate quality of your service and compliance with company standards

Check the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Obtain reliable information regarding customer, brand or product loyalty. Find out the relevant factors affecting customer satisfaction.

Measure compliance against customer service standards

Rate the quality of service and it’s compliance with company standards.

Track the dynamics of consumer attitude to product

Prevent sales downturns and extend products life cycle by conducting regular assessments of consumer attitudes to your products.

Download research brief

Action plan

You choose the frequency of studies

Conducting regular surveys

Предоставляем регулярные отчеты об изменениях

Results of the study what you get:

The indexes of consumer loyalty (CLI, NPS) with detailed imacting factors.

Customer service standards compliance data.

Assessment of changes in attitudes and perceptions of the product by the consumer.



Quantitative methods

Longitudinal (Panel) Study

Tracking studies


Research types

Personal interviews

Telephone interviews

Online Survey

Retail Audit

Quantitative Methods

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