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Get fast and reliable data with mobile-friendly on-line surveys

Nationalwide coverage. And the rest of the world, too.

Expanding the geography of the research sample has never been so easy. You do not need to deal with multiple contractors or worry about the quality of data collected.

Comprehensive Recruiting

Use any resource for reaching the target audience: the access panel, client list, recruiting individual respondents.

High quality access panels

We use a panel of approved suppliers.

Fixed prices

Predictable prices simplify project planning and budgeting.

Free Programming

Free programming and hosting with sample of 300 completed responses and more.

Compatibility with mobile devices

All profiles are fully compatible with mobile devices. According to statistics, about 60% of the questionnaires are completed on mobile devices.

Download research brief

Prices and terms*

Method of reaching your target audience Timing Price per completed response (VAT excl.)
Access panel Programming and start 2-3 days 500 rub.
Individual Recruitment Recruitment 7 days 700 rub.
Client's e-mail list Programming and start 2-3 days 50 rub.
* Free Programming with sample from 300 respondents and more. Using partners’ access panels with profile of 20% penetration. Survey 10 minutes lengths. Standard recruiting conditions.

Action plan

You provide basic information and a questionnaire for the study

Determine the target audience’s reach

Preparing materials for survey - image and video files

Execution of study; data available immediately.

Data array quality checks and preparing an analytical report (optional)

Results of the study what you get:

Data array


Analytical report


Quality assurance

Qualified personnel

Permanent team of interviewers, who receives regular training. Project manager who is responsible for the quality of the research

Sampling and data collection

Tangible and intangible motivation respondents which ensures completeness and accuracy of responses by experienced supervisors who process the gathering of information that is held in strict accordance with the terms of the research

Infrastructure and privacy

Unparalleled data security, storage, processing and transmission: VPN-connections, data backup and best-in-class Google cloud platform. Full compliance with federal law #152-FZ "On Personal Data"

Data quality assurance

Data collection auditing - video and audio controls, photos and fixing GPS coordinate of the interview. Client has the opportunity to be present during the interview. Triple review of input data by validation logic, research analysts’ review and cross-tabulation review.  Follow-up interview control processed by an independent control department, who has no access to collected data.


Research types

Online Surveys

Tools and techniques

Online survey with individual recruitment

Online survey using the access panel

Online survey on list provided by clients

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