Mission and
Core Values
Mission of Marketing Research Agency MA PRAKTIKA - helping clients to discover hidden information related to their markets, products, services, thereby contributing to their success
Act only as it should. Integrity.

Deception, meanness, hypocrisy, double standards are not acceptable in our company. Each employee must be sure that he will not be ashamed of their actions and the company, even if it could potentially be kept secret.

In our company there is no concept of "not my job." Involvement.

If you can do something - do it and do not wait for someone who will do it.

We act quickly and do not fear failure. Movement. Speed.

We understand that only a small part of the initiatives brings success. We need this part. Dynamics - that's life. Only one or two of every ten attempts will bring success. But this success will outshine everything.


We respect people equally everyone including employees and customers. All human values are fully applicable to these relations. We act in accordance with these principles and expect the same in return.


For us it's not just a pretty word but specific principle, which means a constant search and implementation of new ways to achieve goals well.


Whatever we do, we're doing beautifully. Beauty is an important part of our lives that make us ultimately successful and happy. Sets us and our clients to succeed.


In everything, from the desktop to the decisions taken, from financial documents to the reporting structure.

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