Praktika Effect

  • Check whether
    your ad works?

    You will learn what advertising channels work better, which advertising achieves the required effect and how it can be adjusted to improve marketing activities.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activities and advertising campaigns

Testing brand and product awareness

Evaluate the success of an advertising campaign by measuring brand or product awareness before and after the promotional activities.

Measuring advertising coverage and reach

Determine the percentage of the target audience that is reached by an advertisement.

Measuring advertising exposure

Learn how advertising affects the consumer's intention to buy the product or service.

Download research brief

Action plan

Provide information on current promotions and promotional materials

We conduct precise research using appropriate methods to determine the type of advertising campaign needed

Provide a detailed study report

Results of the study what you get:

Information about brand and product awareness (spontaneous awareness and aided awareness) before and after the start of the campaign

Recommendations for the selection of optimal channels of advertising messages

Assessing the effectiveness of advertising



Quantitative methods

Longitudinal (Panel) Study

Tracking studies

Measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns


Research types

Personal interviews

Telephone interviews

Online Survey

Retail Audit

Quantitative Methods

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