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  • What is
    the best price?

    Price - one of the basic properties of the product. It is important to know not only consumers requirements, but what price they are willing to pay

Helping to find the optimum price whether you need to increase revenue or increase market share

Optimal price analysis

Study the perception of the level of prices in the target audience. Determine the effect on the price range of the product in a competitive environment.

Competitive pricing strategy

Define the effect of the price of the product selection in a competitive environment.

Evaluation of the price elasticity of demand (PED)

Calculate possible changes in demand depending on the price of the product or the product of a competitor.

Download research brief

Action plan

Define competitive products and pricing intervals for testing

Conduct field research

Provide a detailed study report

Study report contains

Information about the perception of the price of the test products

Data on the price elasticity of demand

Recommendations on the optimal price range



Brand Price Trade-Off (BPTO)

Van Westendorp's PSM

Gabor-Granger (Price Ladder)

Research types

Personal interviews

Online Survey

Quantitative Methods

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