Praktika Market

  • Who and what sells
    in your markets?

    This is the first question to begin a development strategy. The answers to this will determine the prospects for your new products, the potential for its growth, its current position in the market and planned budget

We define the size of your market and forecast sales

Examine competitors

Determine the size of your market

Number of buyers, sellers and existing market demands

Examine competitors' offers

Measuring your competitor’s products and marketing strategies their strengths and weaknesses.

Sales figures

Prospects for product sales, based on historical data and trends

Download research brief

Action plan

Conduct desk research to obtain a general picture of your marketplace

Collect information that is relevant to your type of products

Provide a detailed study report

Results of the study what you get:

The structure and size of the market

Competitors, their strengths and weaknesses

Prices of competitors' products




Studying open source (desk research)

Competitive Intelligence

Research types

Getting data from open sources

Personal interviews

Telephone interviews

Retail Audit


In-depth interviews

Find the right solution for your business!

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