Praktika Attribute

  • What your
    products will
    be bought?

    To achieve success, you need to know what will work and what won’t before launching a new product

Study consumer preferences in taste, color, product packaging or on the properties of services

Сomparative analysis of the products

Comparing different versions of products and against those of competitors as well

Test the perception of your product properties

Learn consumer's attitudes to the properties of a new product.

Determine the optimal combination of product features

We identify a combination of product features that will be most in demand.

Download research brief

Action plan

You provide product samples for testing

We utilize test methods that correspond to objectives of the study and products properties

Providing a detailed report on the study

Results of the study what you get:

Information about consumers' perceptions of the various characteristics of the product

Recommendations for the optimal combination of the product features



Quantitative methods

Monadic Concept

Paired-Comparison Test

Conjoint analysis

Research types

Personal interviews

Online Survey

Quantitative Methods

Telephone interviews

Retail Audit

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